Vinegar For Cleaning Is The Same As Water

The days of wanting to clean green have many of us considering  folklore solutions.  While vinegar is a classic alternative, in my personal experience it had me working WAY too hard to get something clean, yes — I thought my elbow grease was my green determination.

One has to suffer to be green and all.

Hey –  it just ain’t easy being green.

Vinegar left my home smelling a lot like a salad dressing.  I happen to like the smell of a salad dressing, but not as a part of my everyday smells decor.  I thought to myself – there has to be a better way.  As I experimented with cleaning products on the market, I found myself still applying way too much determination to my green cleaning efforts, seemingly these so called products just didn’t work.

When I discovered my organic cleaner, the signature product from a wonderful very established  wellness company.  I felt I had finally found something that cleaned beautifully!  As a matter of fact it simplified my cleaning tasks dramatically with its ease of use. I was astounded by the mutiple ways this product could be used actually defining multi-use to a new level.

An online discussion thread shared by Sue was very interesting. Sue’s biochemist husband verified the difference between vinegar and this amazing product. Thanks Sue.

Vinegar is a dilute solution of acetic acid, added to water it’s main effect is to lower the pH of water and make it more acid.  As a cleaner, it is not particularly effective except that it dissolves soil, which by the way so does water, and /or makes the pH low enough to distress bacteria on surfaces.

The product I clean with is a surfactant. It performs like a detergent to break up soil of various kinds so that they can be washed away.  In addition, because of it’s surfactant properties it will dislodge bacteria trapped in residue on surfaces so they can be washed away.  Also it disrupts the cell wall of bacteria ( which contains lipids ) and makes them very sick or dead.  While we are not clear how it might do on virus’s, it’s fair to say that as effectively as it removes residue from surfaces it stands to say that more virus’s would be washed away than with a less effective cleaner

Our product does everything vinegar does plus WAY  more.  Without the smell of a salad dressing!

Regulations limit us to say that this product is a germicide, this is also true of vinegar, it is utter folklore that make people believe that vinegar is an effective cleaner/germ killer.  In fact, plain old soap will disrupt the germs of any surface.

A reminder of the advertising ploy of anti-bacterial products on the market. Don’t go there.

Note also that all green cleaners are not created equal.

As a matter of fact some are down right harmful.

green beads of clean flickr image credit


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