A Self Cleaning Bathroom!

In the days of yore when all I used were chemical bathroom cleaners and typical soaps and shampoo’s from the grocery store I constantly battled with ring around the bathtub, slimy tile walls and an absolutely discusting shower curtain.

How about you ?

I felt it was a never ending battle. I also struggled with how ill I felt after I cleaned because of noxious fumes from the typical cleaning products I was using. Not to mention how positively itchy I felt after using petroleum derived skin care.

I seriously itched a good portion of my life.

Being able to clean green of course altered the chemical portion of that completely.

Three non-toxic, biodegradable products


An all purpose cleaning product

and a scouring paste.

The most remarkable detail of using the above powerful green trio is that I could spray, scour, sanitize and mix all of these things together, without fear of a chemical melt down.

We all know that combining bleach and ammonia and other regular cleaning products is very very dangerous.

Mixing bleach and ammonia releases a gas so deadly it was once used as a chemical warfare agent. It can overwhelm a victim in less than a minute.


After I was introduced to green cleaning products I was then introduced to a non-soap bar for everyday bathing.

A positively delicious oatmeal, vitamin e, wheat germ oil product that was such a shift from the squeaky clean Ivory soap I grew up with, or the Irish spring soap my husband seemed to enjoy ( gosh I hated the smell of that stuff)

I could hardly believe the difference this product made in my life.

My new non-soap bar was lovely smelling, ph balanced, and non-stripping to the skin. It actually protects the skins acid mantle versus destroying it.  I had horrific dry skin from using every day skin care products that were harsh, not ph balanced and derived from tallow ( animal fat ) and lye (the same thing that oven cleaners are made up of ).

I have introduced hundreds of people to this non-soap bar and they love it as much as I.

Here’s the deal

Soap products make soap scum – no other way to say it, soap leaves a horrific trail.

Use soap products you will have soap scum.

Use non-soap products – bar, body wash, moisturizers, shampoo’s and conditioners derived from plants and guess what?

No more soap scum. Not to mention no more dry skin.

No soap scum and you almost have a self cleaning bathtub.

I have not had a bathtub ring since 1993!

Come over anytime and look!

It’s beeee-aaa-uuu-tiful.

With regard to the discusting plastic liners for your shower?  Forget those.

I stopped using them ions ago.

I buy an all fabric cotton shower curtain – actually I buy 2 and wash one with the towels!

No more plastic touching my body, not more outgassing and no more mold.

vintage claw tub and mirror flickr image credit

How do you celebrate Earth Day?
If you’re not cleaning green – what’s stopping you?


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3 Responses to A Self Cleaning Bathroom!

  1. Great tip and one that I actually did not know. 🙂

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