Getting Kids Back In Touch With Nature

This post is for this month’s Green Mom’s Carnival. The topic is ideas for getting kids back to nature. Green Phone Booth is hosting. You can view the entire collaborative commentary here

Last month I spent a day teaching kids how to make seed starter pots out of newspaper.

I was struck by several things.

What a simple fun project.

How easy it is for all ages to participate. Including myself who since has taken on planting her own seed starts!

The project involves being practical and using leftover newspapers, making something, planting a seed that one can watch grow, and growing something that is either beautiful or good to eat!!

The versatility of the project is also worth mentioning. Once the starts have sprouted a child can either plant it in their garden or in a pot on a porch or in a sunny window!! Very inexpensive also.

I was so struck by the pleasure that younger kids have in making, playing  in dirt and the idea that something will grow and become.  I was reminded of wonder and joy!!

One rather boisterous child exclaimed, “You mean it will grow and become a real flower? For real? ” His toothless grin really warmed my heart.

Make a starter pot out of newspaper or two. Plant a seed and watch it grow.  When it matures let’s say into some snap peas or radishes, or perhaps lettuce.  Eat it! And then do it all over again!!

Nature at your fingertips!

image by karen hanrahan




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6 Responses to Getting Kids Back In Touch With Nature

  1. What a fun idea! May have to try this one with the preschool co-op.

  2. Harriet says:

    Love this idea..never thought of a such an easy “started pot” that can be both decorative and practical too. Teaching many lessons with this one Karen, thanks, will pass us it and pass it along too!

  3. Katy says:

    Great idea Karen! My daughter just brought home a wheatgrass seedling. They grew it from a seed in class.

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