The Value Of Fish Oil For Your Babies Brain

The development of baby’s brain and visual development benefits greatly from fish oil/ Omega-3’s

Supplementing EPA/DHA is necessary since dietary sources are limited.  Are you eating sardines and other oily fish daily ?? I know I’m not!

95% of Americans are deficient.

Wow. That’s a mighty hefty statistic.

Breast-fed babies of mothers who supplemented with Omega-3’s, years later scored higher on standardized tests of reading, visual interpretation, nonverbal skills and math.  Researchers found that boys with ADHD have significantly lower levels of both EPA and DHA than those without the disorder.

Mayo Clinic investigators state: “The mental apparatus of the coming generation is developed in (the womb) and the time to begin supplementation is before conception.”

A normal brain cannot be made without an adequate supply of omega-3 fatty acids and there may be no later opportunity to repair the effects of an Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency once the nervous system is formed.

It’s important for mom to continue supplementing after delivery to reduce postpartum depression.

Continue supplementing with Omega-3 during breast-feeding or add one capsule to the day’s supply of formula.

Add to baby’s food and give one to baby to chew when teeth appear.

Fish oil is anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory.  Reduces the occurrence of ear infections, colds and viruses.

Remarkably clean source of Fish Oil

the above information was sourced:  barb lagoni – nutritionist

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23 Responses to The Value Of Fish Oil For Your Babies Brain

  1. Cori says:

    hi! i ran across your site while googling fish oil for my baby.
    i personally take 9 fish oil capsules a day, and while pregnant, i took cod liver oil in the same dosage. i was not able to breastfeed, so my baby is getting formula. she also is on a food diet of equal parts oatmeal, banana, apples/prunes combo, chicken and peas. she eats this 3 x’s a day and has been doing so for the past 3 weeks. i believe she needs fish oil added to her diet, but i’m not sure how to give this to her. could you send me some recommendations on brands, how to distribute to her, etc? your help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Cori – I’ve emailed you. Thanks for your inquiry

      • stephanie says:

        Hi ! I was taking a omega 3 supplement during pregnancy and after when I was able to breastfeed my child her first 3 months but I am no longer able to. : ( I am interested in finding out the best way to add fish oil to my child formula as well! I have been looking online all day for a least a guide for dosage. If you have any information to offer please email me! – stephanie Zoe

      • Hi Stephanie – I sent you an email w/ my recommendations!

  2. Darlene says:

    Hi Karen, I am taking 2 omega pills a day and am breastfeeding. I did not take any omegas while pregnant. My baby us now 8 mths old and started on solids. I would like to know what are the ways to include fish oil on his diet and how much to add? If there are any good brands that you may recommend? Greatly appreciate your response. Thank you!


  3. Brooke Charboneau says:

    Wondering how to add fish oil to my 8 month old son’s diet. He has horrible cradle cap and eczema on his face, chest, and legs. Please help!

  4. MIchelle says:

    My daughter just turned 1 and am wondering if it’s safe to give her omega supplements. If so, what type do you recommend and how much should I give? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Michelle – i sent you a follow up email with links!

      • Jason says:

        I’m trying to figure out how to get fish oil / dha into my baby’s breastmilk. We’ve been giving it to her mixed in her bottle for the past 5 weeks, but she has started coughing in the past few days when we give it to her in her bottle. My wife is so upset that she’s saying I’m poisoning our baby and wants me to find a better way to get it into her diet. My wife still takes dha capsules every day.

  5. Hamdi says:

    hi i ran into this site while i was trying to figure out, what like of fish oils to give my 17 month old baby boy, he is extremely small and skinny, but is healthy and still brest fed ( i will try to breastfeed him till he turns 2) i dont take any vitamins, and he is on none right now. i need help to figure out where in canada i can buy a supplement to help with his brain develpoment and what can i take that will go to him through breatmilk to help him out? i also need help to figure out what baby vitamins help with his eye sight, as i have really bad eye sight and want to help him thank you so much

  6. mar says:

    hi! i’ve taken omega 3s when i was pregnant and omega 3,6,9 when breastfeeding. my baby is now 7 months old and am weaning her off of breastfeeding slowly. i’d like to supplement her with cod liver oil and or omega 3s. can you let me know how i can incorporate this in her food or formula? thanks in advance!

    • Thanks for your inquiry re: fish oil in baby food or formula – most of my mom clients will pierce a quality pure and potent fish oil into whatever they are feeding their child. This has been useful for merely supplementing, homemade formula or for needs in a child like an inflammatory skin condition or behavior concerns etc – if you have any additional questions let me know

  7. Vicky says:


    As we are vegetarian, I wants to give fish oil supplement to my 6 months old boy but I am not too sure in what propotion do i have to give him. I would appreciate if someone could advise me. He weighs 8.5 kg.


  8. Paige says:

    Hi Karen,
    I am concerned that my 6 week old baby isn’t getting the proper amount of omega 3 in her diet. I took omega 3 w/ DHA every day throughout my whole pregnancy. I am not able to breast feed so my husband and I have been feeding her simalac formula. I am wondering if it is safe to put omega 3 oil in her formula, and if so, how much is needed?

  9. Jennifer says:

    My two sons (2 1/2 years old and 9 months old) have had their share of colds this year. Their caregiver, a woman in her 50s suggested giving them cod lover oil/fish oil to help reduce colds, and even stated seeing a significant different in her grandchildrens behavior since take it. At first I thought it was just a old wife’s tale, but after a few days I see a different in one of her grandsons that has ADHD. I’m sold on the supplement but I would like dosing suggestions for my sons. Thanks for your help!!!

  10. Rose says:

    Hi Karen,
    My baby is 13 months old and i was told to introduce fish oil in my baby’s diet. She has problems of constipation and gets a cold every now and then. She is also a little behind in her motor skills development. I would like to know what is the appropriate dosage that i should be giving her.
    Thank you.

  11. Lee Lambert says:

    Like many mums here, I have a query on how to get enough “omega 3” and fish oils in my 8 month old daughter. She is still breastfed, although I haven’t been real great with MY fish oils lately. She’s eats pretty much everything we do, and has shown no allergies to anything. Lately, she has been getting a pimply rash on her lower legs, and on her nose. Just thinking it mind be an omega 3 deficiency. I was going to introduce her to salmon, but read somewhere that it’s not recommended for babies under 1 year old. I would value your help 🙂 Thank you in advance.

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