Hens And Chicks

I had never heard of the succulent ground cover “hens and chicks” until just a few years ago.

I found them completely fascinating.

As I develop my garden here…slowly

I was reminded of their interesting characteristics and thought this one area would be a perfect place for them!

I asked if anyone was thinning out some hens and chicks

sure enough a neighbor hooked me up.

via email I arranged a rendezvous with this lovely woman’s husband in the Jewel parking lot.

I love it!!

Delightfully, the Gill’s gifted me two full trays of hens and chicks.

See for yourself how perfect they are for this space.

there are actually quite a variety of hens and chicks

the last picture shows a different kind and one i purchased for myself for Mothers Day

images by karen hanrahan




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4 Responses to Hens And Chicks

  1. Madonna Courtright says:

    That is a perfect place for them. They will spread and fill in the gaps quite nicely.

  2. Michelle says:

    We took some from my parents last year and ours are blooming this year – they’re so beautiful! They’re one of my faves.

    Peace. 😉

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