4 Ways To Green Your Garage Guys!

I had the opportunity to write an article for a sassy organizer who wanted to tuck in a bit of green into her newsletter. What a fun writing project !

In writing the piece below we wanted clients not to feel overwhelmed.

There is certainly enough of that in the world already

Greening Your Garage Requires Organizing.
By Karen Hanrahan

If you are beginning to ponder greener pastures with regards to your garage, consider taking an inventory of what’s actually in your garage and see where shifts can be made.  Be mindful that going green is a gradual process. Incremental steps are better than doing nothing at all.

Not sure what your attitudes are ?

Values regarding how green you want to be are very individual.  Certainly today you have more eco-conscious products available to you than ever before.  Determining your personal philosophy is about identifying products and techniques that accomplish your goals while not harming the environment.

Toxic products

▪ If you have toxic products are they stored safely?

▪ Are you prepared to replace them with green alternatives?

▪ Do you know where or how to dispose of toxic products?


▪ What could you do differently to make your recycling efforts more productive?

▪ Are you aware of how to properly dispose of various electronics ?

▪ Did you know that CFL bulbs have mercury in them and are not curbside recyclable?


▪ Would you consider mulching, composting and collecting rainwater?

▪ Have you considered natural pest control?

▪ What power tools could be replaced by hand tools?

Seasonal needs

▪ Are there lawnmowers that are more eco friendly?

▪ What snow salts are less harmful to the environment?

▪ Could you start riding a bicycle again?

Useful websites:

Earth 911

American Horticultural Society

Where to recycle those curly bulbs?

Green Cleaning Products

Karen Hanrahan is a wellness educator/consultant, author of the Blog: Best of Mother Earth, and is an advocate of the green movement.


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