Plan Ahead Grilling Marinades And Rub

A reat way to stay out of the kitchen and enjoy summer is when you fire up the grill is to cook more than one thing.  Grill extra meats and veggies and enjoy them as leftovers for several days!

Did you know that if you take a big mushroom and marinate it for DAYS that it’s exceptional grilled?

An even better trick is to create salad-centric meals and apply the marinade concept to meats/veggies as a plan ahead mechanism for ease of preparing summer meals.

( like that word salad – centric ? It’s a mother earth – ism )

Salad – centric meals means meals centered around lots of salad and raw veggies.  When it’s this hot it’s the perfect thing.  I make a plate of mixed greens, I usually include spinach, a bitter green of some sort; I am on an arugula kick right now and lots of raw veggies – I go for color, texture and variety.  Fresh herbs are wonderful if you can clip them from your garden to add accordingly – dill, basil, chive, oregano, mint. parsley, cilantro – yum!

I purchased sirloin tip, cut into steaks at about 6.99 a lb, ( nice inexpensive cut – when marinated this meat is just astounding on the grill and perfect for steak salad.)  I also bought boneless chicken breasts for a cobb salad, and marinated extra of both to freeze once grilled for added convenience.  Lastly I also marinate thickly sliced some summer squash and mushrooms.

Why am I saying all of this?

Tonight I prepared two marinades am soaking a bunch of stuff overnight to do a super duper grill off tomorrow so then I will have four meals ready to rock.  Or two meals to eat and two to freeze.

Thai Marinade – I use this for the steak – it is applicable to anything really – it’s my favorite – the hot pepper makes if very sassy

1 T fish sauce
juice of one fresh lime
1 T soy
1 T of water
fresh ground black pepper
1 serrano pepper sliced – today i used a red jalepeno
fresh cilantro
3 cloves crushed garlic

mix together, place meat or veggies in a shallow glass dish – never marinate in metal (why is that ? )   pour over and cover

Citrus Marinade – used this for the chicken and the summer squash

Juice of an orange
1 T white wine
1 T of tamari sauce
3 cloves crushed garlic
fresh ground white pepper
lots freshly grated ginger ( martha tip – keep fresh ginger bits in the freezer in a glass jar – grate when needed – fabulous way to have that fresh grated ginger taste all the time )

Mix together. Again place meat or veggies in shallow glass, pour marinade over and cover.

Spice Rub – I use this for chicken and turkey with the skin on, can also be used in the winter and baked.

2 T of sweet paprika
1 teas of chile powder
1 teas of thyme


oil fingers and rub on skin of the meat, rub in dry spices, add crushed garlic and peppers and rub, doing this the night before makes for great flavor – wash hands well, the pepper and chile powder in your eye is way not fun. Making a double batch of the dry spice part of this and keeping it in a jar is a great time saving tip also.

Happy Summer Grilling!

marinade flickr image credit

spicerub flickr image credit


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