Half-Year Resolutions

This post is my contribution to the June Green Moms Carnival.

The theme is Half-Year Resolutions hosted by our Lynn of OrganicMania.

I love the idea of re-evaluating our resolutions mid-year.  Currently on my mind are my work goals and a need for a super – duper pep talk.  I could be doing better.

At the beginning of 2011 my mind map brought to my attention the many gifts I have to offer.  A year ago I chose to dabble in many of my creativity desires.

This year I found myself hungry for more creativity.  Trust the process they say. Utilize my gifts, talents and strengths.  With a struggling economy and a move to a new community a few years back I have had to re-think, re-do, re-design and even re-think my business model.

This year I have also struggled.

That said I keep going back to my gifts and my strengths and utilizing them to propel my work life forward.

With any evaluation of self and goals.

My favorite mentor asks ” What do you want?”

When I was a kid a science project had us root a sweet potato.  The project sat on the dryer in our laundry room and produced the most remarkable plant!! For some reason I recently decided to start another sweet potato rooting.  It sits on my dryer. I am marveling at it’s rapid rooting and bud growth!

I’ve noticed in my outdoor gardening that I am skeptic ( oh that seed won’t possibly grow – I say to myself. ) I am hesitant or cautious with my vegetable plantings – to the point of a 1/2 planted garden plot.  I attribute this to expanding the plot and not really knowing what it might look like.  I don’t want to risk so I leave it. Do nothing. The unplanted 1/2 is weedy. I have some pulling to do, some shifts.  Am I like my garden ? Skeptic, hesitant, and cautious?  Do I have some weeding to do? Absolutely.

What do I want? I want to be like that sweet potato plant!  I want to grow.  Have the freedom to blossom! I want to deeply root!

On my “want” list for the year I had three things.

1. to build physical strength

2. create fiscal abundance doing what I love

3. to attract like-minded individuals in my life

What I have found this year is an intense observation of a need for balance.

Sound finances, physical and emotional strength and like minded individuals seem to be in my life randomly.  Not a constant. Not something reliable.

I am more in an unbalanced place than one of balance.

When I am doing what I do best.

Which is sharing, teaching and helping others in a consulting capacity either nutritionally or helping others start blogs.  Or hobbying in photography or something aligning with my creativity. I am completely in my element! I absolutely love it! This continues to affirm that I have chosen a really solid work/passion path for me.

When I am around people who appreciate me and encourage me or people who I love to talk to and share.  I feel awesome!!

What I’d like to say to myself today as I check in.

Keep at keepin’ on!

I may hear in my mind I don’t know, I am scared, I can’t decide or I can’t even.  We all do this.

I notice that I allow my personal life to be a distraction.

Or choose circumstances that don’t move my work life forward.

Stop that!

I am observing  who I am surrounding myself with, who am I reaching out to to share my knowledge and gifts with and best yet am I taking care of myself first?

This is my current focus.

These past 6 months have had some admirable and strident activities.  I am definitely planting seeds, these seeds need more water perhaps and this garden certainly still needs some weeding.

So …is there room for improvement?  Yes!!

How about you?

What kindof personal growth garden are you planting??

my new sweet potato plant.



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