Hair Loss

There is a system of Hair Care Products that nourishes and revitalizes hair and scalp.

The core system includes two types of shampoo and conditioner ( for dry or oily hair ) and a nourishing scalp treatment.

Independent clinicals share these impressive statistics:

After 90 days

65% reduction of hair loss during combing

73% decrease in the number of broken hairs

61% increase in the thickness of their hair.


This system of products is plant derived and provides an optimal environment for thick healthy hair. They say if a hair follicle is dormant or asleep, that these products awaken them!!

Nutritionally I encourage adding a quality Protein, B Complex and GLA – ALL are nutrients that contribute to the health of your hair.

There are of course a variety of factors that contribute to hair loss, some are genetic, side effects of medications,  or the way woman and men treat their hair chemically or otherwise.  All that flat ironing, blow drying and hair goo can’t be good!!

The signature product – the nourishing scalp treatment is positively delightful.  I use it in the winter when I am personally harder on my hair with blow drying and a flat iron.

With permission I am sharing this testimony:

Now, some time ago you recommended, when I complained about losing hair, hair getting thinner, that I’d try your shampoo, conditioner and nourishing scalp treatment. It was a success. But foolish me, I stopped being diligent and tried other products. Well, some time went by and I noticed thinning hair once again. So I went back to using your product line.  And I am very happy to say that my hair is thick again with no hair loss. Wendy, the gal who has cut and colored my hair for the past four years agrees. I won’t stray again unless you tell me your company has a new or better hair treatment product.

Thank you again for all your help. Oh and my hair is really shiny and health looking also!




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