Motion Sickness And Peppermint Ginger

Anyone traveling this summer?

Does the motion of the car, plane, boat or train leave you a little queezy?

Peppermint-Ginger, is a medicinal herbal alternative that helps indigestion, stomach aches, ulcers, heartburn, food poisoning, intestinal ailments, digestive disorders and motion sickness.

Historically peppermint and ginger are mentioned in the very first recorded texts of many early cultures.

Our high quality herbal product
combines peppermint, a source of menthol, and ginger for their soothing properties, anise and fennel provide additional soothing support.

For those who use Dramamine, a drug for motion sickness, Peppermint-Ginger is a highly regarded and effective natural alternative without harming the liver or other side effects

Not all herbal medicines are created equal.

My favorite company story regarding quality control has to do with tainted ginseng root

(Ginseng is an herb known for promoting energy and vitality) much of what is on the market comes from China. Due to floods in the early 90’s the gisent roots were rotting. They sprayed the roots with Quintizine to prevent further rotting to get them overseas for production.

My company tests all incoming raw ingredients.   The ginseng during pre-production was tainted. Over and over each batch was showing this chemical.  This did not meet our companies standards of excellance. As a company they halted  producing it’s 3rd top selling herb until they could find clean raw materials. This took YEARS.  Worst part – no other company stopped producing.  During this extended time period anyone taking Ginseng supplements made by other companies were also ingesting this chemical.  True story.

ocean liner flickr image credit


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