Speaking At AtMidwest About Blogging As An Expert And Going Viral!

I am very privileged to be speaking twice (!) tomorrow at a new conference in Central, Illinois.

AtMidwest is THE getting practical about social media conference!

I will be speaking about my passion for blogging and how it’s a perfect medium for being an expert in one’s profession. I will be sharing how a blog fits into a social media circle of influence, and I will give some ideas on how to think about blogging strategically and practically.

Additionally, I am co-speaking with a lovely young gal about Viral Marketing. She and I both have had an insane viral internet happening.  While neither of us can say we know the tricks to going viral.  We will share that it happens often. The stories if anything are amusing as heck!!

Finally, I served on the board of this event and helped author the conference’s blog.

A full YEAR of efforts is finally seeing “its day”  Kudo’s to all of those who were involved!

That all said, I am nervous! I have taught and spoken for years about nutrition to audiences of all shapes and sizes.  Speaking in social media circles is very new for me.  Wish me luck!!


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