Top Ten Take Aways From AtMidwest.

A year of planning and working with the AtMidwest board, months of assisting w/ the authoring of the conference blog, preparing and giving two presentations PLUS attending AtMidwest to learn about getting practical with social media had me feel a bit like I was wearing WAY too many hats!

The event was a tremendous success. I was struck with how hungry participants were to learn.  I was also struck at the varied applications folks use social media for.  There really is a fit for everyone! I attended one speaker that was in the “that’s so 2010” or  the advanced trek. It was way over my head.  I did this to challenge myself and still walked away with something of value. Lastly, I sure met some remarkable people!

One of the themes for the conference was walking the talk of social media. Our closing speaker ended our day doing her presentation barefoot.  I thought that was perfect!

My Top Ten Take Aways:

1. People are watching.  Best social media practices are a process.

2. What are you known for? What groove are you wearing? What’s your voltage?

3. Social Media is a fast train going somewhere. Statistics everywhere are proving it

4. Why cultivate your fans?  Because they love what you do and could easily be involved in sharing your brand.  Take the concept of trust, reliability and delight and engage that one step further using “the experience”. Keep a fan in the loop with exquisite follow up

4. Wisely and legally it was shared how broad laws are regarding social media. Legal matters are ever changing. Law is slow to adopting.  Safety, privacy and confidentiality are some of the top concerns.

5. Ask your customers what they want!

6. The “like” button on FB is passive, where the “share” button has more rank and shows that you are involved/vested in the community and spirit of.

7. When you have a twitter account and an opinion one must share it.

8. Quotable one liners that said it all: you as an individual are a brand ( engagement and trust = brand), all that i am google made me,  you are who you follow, watch who you hang with, listen, educate and help, there is such a thing as having an unspoken thought.

9. be aware of the ying and yang of a brand

10. It’s no longer about marketing to the potential “buyer” it’s about pulling the consumer in as a “participant” of the brand. What are you an uber fan of?

Above commentary from AtMidwest Speakers: Barbara Rozgonyi, Jill Salzman, Nathan Hinch, Eric Osterman, Joe Strupek, Mana Ionescu

Thank you !!

( images below by karen hanrahan)




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