Heavy Metals Found In Protein Drinks

A June WebMD article shared news of certain protein drinks having high levels of certain heavy metals.   These heavy metals at high dosages: mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic can cause health problems including damage to the kidneys.  The issue besides the high levels of heavy metals is that often protein drinks are over consumed. I find it interesting that an unregulated industry has an agency that makes suggestions for voluntary standards for labeling. How can a standard be voluntary??

Protein is a crucial for cellular health. When one is an athlete, protein needs are higher and critical for muscle repair.

Protein drinks are a tool, a “supplemental” not an end all to one’s daily needs for protein. I come from the eat sensibly, don’t eat the same thing all the time, take your vitamins mentality. Protein drinks are not your dinner. Unless they are properly defined as meal replacements.

The sports nutrition line I work with is solid, clean, and used by tremendous successful often high level WINNING athletes from around the world.

No heavy metals.

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