Let’s Talk About Constipation

Let’s talk about constipation.

I know —  not your typical thing to chat about.

Specifically,  lets talk about constipation while traveling.

If you put me in a car, train or plane for any length of time, have me drink strange water, or eat foods I normally don’t eat. It’s going to have an affect on my bowel.

Perhaps that happens to you too?

Why do we have a digestive system?

The reason we digest the way we do was stated best by a wonderful nutritionist from Toronto who said, “we have a digestive system simply to sort the good, the bad, and the ugly!

I love that description!

She said:    the good goes to our blood stream, the bad goes to our liver and the ugly just has to go – thus the reason for the bowel movement. 

well, there ya go…

Many feel accomplished in moving their bowel once a day.  Doing at least that is still a good thing, however if you eat more than once we have to process or digest more than once – therefor eliminating the ugly more than once daily.  This is actually very important.   Something to strive for.

If you are constipated while traveling it’s really no fun.  Consider a natural laxative. I choose a signature product that has a wonderful traditional herb called  Senna in it. Typically when one thinks of a laxative, it’s usually paired with the thought of an emergency “gotta go” , this is not the case with what I use.  This product promises and delivers nothing more than a gentle prompting.

In my natural medicine cabinet and or in my travel bag I keep a natural laxative on hand to help keep me “going ” especially when I travel.

This safe herbal product is also part of a comprehensive detoxification program.

flickr image titled constipated cat – too funny

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