Cole Slaw

I get into summer salad making mode and enjoy the fresh noshing on something I’ve made from scratch.

This is a basic cole slaw recipe and I made it up, but it does parallel many you’d find on the web.

4 cups sliced thin cabbage. I used all green this time. I love using both green and purple!

1 thinly sliced green pepper

3 shredded carrots

2 T of grated onion – grated onion to me is magical – completely different flavor, not all those chunks of onion

1/4 C vinegar – apple cider 

1/8 – 1/4 C sugar – based on your personal preference – I use turbinado sugar and less as I like a tart cole slaw

2 T olive oil

2 T of mayo

I splashed a bit of buttermilk on this, cuz i had it around.

Celery Salt and Fresh Ground White Pepper.

The variations for coleslaw are endless – do you have a favorite or unique recipe? Share it!

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2 Responses to Cole Slaw

  1. One of my favorite salad additions, prior to my current non-dairy-diet, was so very simple, yet incredibly tasty.

    Mix together one cup of shredded carrot and one cup of shredded cheese.

    That’s it.

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