Great Testimony :: Colitis And Nutritional Supplementation


I hesitate to share testimonies…

I feel sometimes that testimonies can be a little hokey.

I don’t want to represent alternative solutions as “miracles”.

Then I appear to be hokey, ya know?

Below is a story of a major health issue that was helped by nutritional supplementation, the recovery of which was truly remarkable.

It’s a story worth sharing.

A friend recommended that this twenty something male friend of hers contact me. He was stressed, working 3 jobs, newly engaged and very very sick. He had not had a solid bowel in years, he bled rectally. He slept in a fetal position from cramping. He lived on pop. He navigated his day from bathroom to bathroom. He was diagnosed with colitis and they were recommending surgery. The kind of surgery where you end up with a poop bag on the outside of your body for the rest of your life.

With the help of my mentor,  we recommended a rather aggressive high quality digestive health nutritional protocol. We included nutrients that were healing, that reduced inflammation naturally, eventually we added nutrients to help him rebuild his health. He was eager to be well, and so compliance wasn’t an issue. He weaned from pop. We guided him to healthier eating. He did this with such enthusiasm. He was the kind of of client who says tell me what to do and does it!  Weeks later he called me and openly wept, he had just his first solid bowel movement in a decade. 10 years. WOW. This young man went on to completely recover and avoid surgery.

I love being part of this kind of shift in well being! Without drugs or surgery.

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