Irritable Bowel Syndrome Benefits From Quality Supplementation

Diseases that fall under the Irritable Bowel category include:

Chrohn’s, Diverticulitis, Colitis, and Spastic Colon.

Thank you to nutritionist Barbara Lagoni  ( and my mentor ) for the  information shared below:

Nutrients that bring relief, reduce inflammation and foster healing to the above mentioned Digestive Issues:

Calcium Magnesium – Often referred to as natural muscle relaxants, these minerals may help prevent the spasming of the muscles that comprise the walls of the intestinal tract…and thus reduce the diarrhea and cramping usually associated with IBS. (2 per meal)

B Complex – Because most intestinal problems are often associated with stress, B vitamins are essential for restoring the nutrients that stress depletes. Regulates digestive hormone production. Enhances energy production and nervous system function in cells.

Vitamin E – (ours contains Grapeseed extract – a powerful antioxidant) – Vitamin E has long been considered to be a nutrient that promotes healing … both of inflamed tender tissue as well as sear tissue, often formed as a result of IBS.

Gamma Linolenic Acid – Many IBS conditions are aggravated by inflammation in the tissues in the lower intestines. GLA (gamma linolenic acid) is an essential fatty acid that has properties of being a natural anti-inflammatory. May be used alone or in combination with the omega-3 fatty acid EPA (in 3-to- I ratio of EPA to GLA) if the inflammation persists.

Vitamin C – To strengthen the immune system and promote healing of the tissues. Powerful immune stimulant as well as an anti-oxidant. Virtually every body function benefits from an adequate level of vitamin C.

Acidophilus/ Bifidus – we have an excellent source of the essential friendly bacteria that are supposed to inhabit the lower intestines. Virtually the only acidophilus/bifidus product that guarantees delivery of 500,000 live microorganisms to the intestines, without being destroyed by the highly acidic environment of the stomach. Restores the natural balance that must exist in the lower intestines to choke out the cancer-causing bacteria as well as Candida yeast overgrowths. None of the products available at health food stores guarantee live delivery of microflora to the intestine. Tests show that many of them do not make it live to your door, much less to your colon. Most of the microflora alive in these products at the time of manufacture are killed off long before they reach the intestine.

Fiber – When the tissues have healed and swelling has been reduced, then slowly reintroduce fiber with any of these gentle, convenient fiber sources. Mix or Tablets

High Quality Multi-vitamin and Multi-mineral Supplement – When diarrhea occurs, food passes through the body so rapidly that it is difficult to absorb nutrients. A multiple vitamin/mineral supplement contains cofactors and coenzymes that enhance protein utilization.

Meal Replacement Product – Lactose Free – Soy or Whey based ProteinMeal Replacement Product – Lactose Free – Soy or Whey based Protein Needed for energy building and repairing damage to cells. Help in blood sugar stabilizing. Provides building blocks for rapid recovery. Prevents irritation from allergens for those with certain forms of colitis.

Digestive health issues respond beautifully to natural approaches.

Guidance and high quality products are highly encouraged.

colons are fun flickr image credit

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