Tums Is Not A Quality Source Of Calcium

I will never forget the first time I heard a client tell me they were sourcing their daily calcium from Tums.

Hello!?  Tums is an antacid for heartburn!!

I then found out that a chewable calcium is actually a way to neutralize stomach acid.

I didn’t know that.

The problem with Tums is it markets itself as an antacid with a bit of a calcium supplement on the side.  It touts itself as an antacid and then says multi-vitamins don’t have enough calcium in them so use this antacid as an inexpensive way to get your calcium too.

Talk about ploy.

Here’s the deal:

If you have heartburn you have a digestive issue – not a calcium deficiency.

Multi-vitamins don’t have enough calcium in them simply because it’s too bulky of a mineral to tablet. If multi-vitamins put enough calcium into their products they would be horse pills compressed so tight they would not dissolve.

( Which just so you know that not dissolving thing is a lot of what’s on the market out there now!)

Tums in addition to having only one source of calcium, is also loaded with sucrose ( first ingredient on the label), has talc in it – some sources of which are carcinogenic. Tums also have artificial flavors, way too many food dyes, sorbitol and aspartame!!

I have no idea how many folks actually take Tums as their source of calcium but we are a nation with a very high percentage of Osteoporosis.

I’d say the Tums isn’t helping.

In addition if I wanted to take calcium I’d prefer to take it without the sugars, chemicals, talc and food dyes — thank you very much.

It is said that it’s best to use a calcium supplement that utilizes a variety of sources of calcium. Best calcium sources are a combination of concentrated and absorbable calcium carbonate, calium citrate, and calcium citratemalate.  If you are taking a calcium supplement that does not include Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese or Boron then you have little to actually assist the calcium into the bones.  These minerals are the matrix that pulls calcium where you need it most. Nature never works single handedly.  Calcium alone is not enough.

Calcium with the junk found in Tums is simply preposterous.

I have an absolutely lovely high quality chewable calcium. By design it is simply that. Chewable Calcium.
 Naturally flavored with raspberries, includes all the matrix minerals to assist the variety of sources of elemental calcium into the bones AND it also works as a natural antacid.

Which would you prefer to take ?

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