I Am My Own Rock Star!

Each year our company and it’s sales leaders gather to celebrate the success of the year past, the potential of new product announcements, which are always super uber exciting and to see and hear people we love and admire.  Conventions always have a ton of company hoopla and are very motivating.  Mostly, an annual convention is a fabulous way to steep into the culture our company can be so proud of.

This year the keynote is Commander Mark Edward Kelly.   For those of you who do not know about this remarkable american hero and astronaut, his accolades are pretty darn amazing.

Our company owner, Roger Barnett in an email  shared these details with us:

Mark has either piloted or commanded four space shuttle missions, most recently commanding the Endeavor mission which landed safely just last month. Mark is also a highly decorated Naval aviator, having flown numerous combat missions during the Gulf War, and earning a total of 15 awards and medals during the course of his Naval career.

Unexpectedly, Mark found himself thrust into the midst of a tragic event that made news around the globe when his wife, U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, became the target of an attempted assassination in Tucson, Arizona. Now Mark and Gabby face a long road of recovery ahead together, requiring a different kind of courage than that which Mark has evidenced throughout his career. But no less heroic.

Roger Barnett bought our company in 2004.   He is a man of great vision and a profound thought leader. He told our field that he would surround us with the best people in the industry, and share with us the personal connections he has…

In his email he further shared :

Both Mark and Gabby are my friends, and I was with them when they met. Mark is a person who has faced an incredible diversity of challenges and has much to share with us about the way in which these experiences have deepened his faith, and also his belief in the strength of the human spirit.

Upon receiving this email I was struck with the magnificence of the company our owner keeps.  His selection of keynotes always has at it’s core a message of perseverance and hope. Roger has in his heart  a wish for all of our lives to be full and passionate!   It humbles me and it has me in awe.

I am not a rock star in my company.  I am an average sales leader.  I proudly built something many years ago that provides me today my core income.  I did this in a way that had me be the single mom I needed to be.  My work in nutrition and sharing wellness has served me tremendously through some very challenging times. This to me, makes me my own rock star!! I can choose to represent a tremendous company  and it’s products and be loved and celebrated at whatever level I am.

This rocks!!

Who do you know wants supplemental income or perhaps to be their very own boss.  Someone who believes in prevention, nutritional supplementation and sheparding a shift to green products?

I’d love to meet with them and share a business opportunity!





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2 Responses to I Am My Own Rock Star!

  1. sheila says:

    Yes, you are a “Rock Star”! You also are a “Solid As A Rock Friend”, whom I respect, admire and appreciate for your “Praiseworthy Gifts” of integrity, knowledge, and artistic and writing talents.
    Besides being a Remarkable friend you are an Amazing woman and mother! Brava, knowing you has “rocked” my world!

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