Nutritional Insurance For College Kids

.44 a day.

Is that a lot to pay?

Is that a lot to pay for a bit of nutritional insurance?

Two tablets taken daily; a multi -vitamin sourced from whole foods, a product that assimilates into the blood stream perfectly, a complete and comprehensive supplement.

It’s my opinion that a good quality multi-vitamin is important to all.

For kids away at college it’s even more important.

For some college students it’s their very first time on their own.  With dorm food – choices are limited and often not healthy. There is a prevalence of junk food or quick “grab a bite” eating, college life has loads of stress, and for many it’s the first exploration of alcohol and drugs. It’s not my place to judge these choices in our youth.  My freshmen year of college I lived on Kit Kats ( I bought them by the case ) root beer and bologna – simply because I could.  Kids do this.

I recommend and encourage something that can reliably fill in the nutrient gap.

Not all multi-vitamins are created equal.  As a matter of fact, many are not very valid at all.

If you are going to invest in nutritional insurance be sure to invest in a quality product.

at 44. a day, one certainly can’t beat the price.

I want to support a college kid in their decision to taking on a prevention attitude.

Sign on with me here and place this multi-vitamin on auto – ship.

the auto-ship option is at the end of the ordering process –  for the above product for one person opt to get this product delivered every other month.

I will treat to 1/2 the shipping of any college student who sets up an auto-ship order !

( initial order is not included in this offer) 

. 44/ day is retail pricing – become a member and this saves a college kid 15%!

Plus 1/2 off of future shipping! 

WOW  – Great promotion!!




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