Do We Really Need ALL This Back To School Stuff?

The calendar page turns.

Holy smokes  – it’s August.

It’s that back to school time.

Can you feel it?

Time to spend absolute crazy amounts of money for “Back To School” things.

Must all those back to school things be brand spanking new?

I know it’s time to stand in squeaky new shoes, fresh haircuts, have sharpened No. 2’s ready to write, color matching notebooks and folders.  We all gear up for the delicious smell of crayons, book day, committee work, making school lunches and car pooling. We are all beginning to endure the registration lines.

I get this ritual. I did this year after year. and i love the feeling of back to school.

I use to actually save the entire year for the volume of cash I laid out at this time. I had an envelope titled school and each month I put money away.  The three major cash outlays each year;  back to school, the holidays and summer activities.

I think it’s time to pause and re-think this marketing ploy.

I think that some of the back to school expenses are not necessary.

I’d love to suggest a bit of restraint.

A bit of anti-consumerism.

Ask ourselves do we really really NEED all of this stuff?

If the shoes we have now fit, and are in good condition – could we wait to buy the new ones until we need to ?   Is there someone in school noticing if your daughter’s hair has just been cut?  Perhaps there are pencils, markers and crayons from last year that still function?? How can we re-use the binders and folders from the year prior?

I ask this not only to have one save money, but also from an environment perspective too.  So much is just pitched these days.   Mass purchasing lead to more pitching.   Where does it begin and where does end?

Think about it.




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2 Responses to Do We Really Need ALL This Back To School Stuff?

  1. I’m always surprised that so many kids get new everything for school. I only got a new backpack and things like that if my old one needed replaced. I don’t remember most of the kids at school getting new ones every year. Sure some kids did but I don’t remember it being something any kids were really worried about.

    • I recall growing up some newness to back to school Lisa – but not everything – my kids often made do if things were still in good shape – the truth is the stores really pull you into sales, it’s the best and lowest prices of the year to purchase some things. hate that!!

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