Grocery Aisle Tours

I am developing a grocery aisle tour.

I did a few this summer and found I really enjoyed doing them.

In years past after I always ended my community education workshops with a field trip to Whole Foods.

We even had reunions! Recipe exchanges and a sharing of shifts parents noticed in kids health and behavior when diet changes were made!

Not sure what to call it exactly but for now “Grocery Aisle Tours” will do!!

The focus of the tour is choice

How to navigate  and find alternative foods in big box, grocery, health food store’s and the farmer’s market

Moving here it’s taken me two years to figure out how to find the foods I prefer to eat.

I prefer no altered fats, no unnecessary sugars or sweeteners, no food additive or preservatives.  Organic and local options are also important to me.  The learning curve to eat seasonal is new to me.  I’ve really enjoyed this shift.

This last  year I stopped buying food in cans to avoid BPA contamination

I am considering making my own butter to avoid PFOA, the same chemical used to coat Teflon  pans is used on the wax wrappers.  Who knew this detail ?  I didn’t.

One might ask why I do all this ?

20 years ago an author inspired me to look at what I was eating.

I wanted to do better for me and for my family.

Shifting my own food pantry took a lot of time and effort.

I find my needs continue to evolve and I have a lot to learn !  Even after all this time!

Back then I started to cook scratch and lean towards the slow vs the fast food movement.

I found cooking and the hearth around my table became therapeutic and ceremonial.

I want this for others!

When I worked for whole foods they said the more folks who buy organic the better the demand becomes.

The bigger the demand the larger a supply is needed.  My spending contributes to the growth of choices I personally believe in. Thats where I’d prefer to put my spending $

You would enjoy a grocery aisle tour if:

you are eliminating processed foods from your diet

want to eat and cook more healthfully

want to shorten the learning curve on all that label reading

want to fuel the alternative food market


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