I Am Participating In First Friday’s Go Green Event :: Downtown Bloomington

Science Daily posted an article about published findings sharing that dryer air vented from our homes using mainstream scented liquid laundry and dryer sheets contain hazardous chemicals two of which are carcinogenic.

The article interestingly commented on how emissions from smoke stacks and automobiles are regulated, but dryer vents are not!

How do you feel about this topic?? Want to learn about how you can shift to something safer for you, your family and the environment??

Next week I am presenting locally at a Go Green Event.

I am thrilled to have been invited.

The event is part of our Downtown Business Association

First Friday, is a monthly event that showcases the art scene in combination with downtown business.  I am delighted to be hosted by Commerce Bank

My main sharing/display will be about shifting from main stream laundry to something greener. Changing brands is not only better for the environment – it also saves you money!!

I am raffling off our signature all-purpose cleaning product!!  One product – 1001 uses, sourced from corn and a true cost saving green cleaning marvel!

You will see a terrific display of my local photography. My first solo show! With an opportunity to purchase at reduced prices!

Finally, yes – I know – this is a lot …but the burger will have it’s first PUBLIC viewing. EVER. Not familiar with the story of the 1996 McDonalds Burger?  More information here!!

Don’t forget to bring the kids – the bank has a special kids craft planned!!

Late Afternoon/ Autumn - Downtown Bloomington





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