Fracking :: 32,000 Wells Drilled Per Year By 2012 – Seriously?

When I first heard of fracking I had no idea what it was.  I am not happy at what I am continuing to read and hear.  The volume of drilling proposed is obscene.  I keep saying once they frack you can’t go back. The destruction is done. Below are links that share what the facts are and how campaign by campaign folks and communities are saying NO.

Campaign – Fracking Gone Wrong :: Finding A Better Way – Impressive Example Of Citizens Saying NO

Video – Things Find A Way – animated, well stated and to the point.

Illinois is slotted for drilling too! 

Fracking HERE – do we really want this? 



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One Response to Fracking :: 32,000 Wells Drilled Per Year By 2012 – Seriously?

  1. BC says:

    You have been listening to fearmongers who are badly misrepresenting the facts. 1,000,000 wells fracked since the 1950’s and never a provable case of water table contamination. You don’t get the rock to break thousands of feet above the zone you frac without detonating a nuclear bomb or something. Please don’t fall for all the misinformation. You like electricity, don’t you? Where do you think it comes from? Mostly natural gas-powered turbine generators.

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