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Burger Links Of Interest

Below are links of burger interest that have found me along my burger journey.  no affiliation with any of these… should you come across intriguing burger factoids, share them and I’ll add them to the list!! Article About The Flavor … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Perpetual Potato

An article that I read in the paper inspired this commentary. This post is simply an opinion piece. A few thoughts and ideas about foods that are fast/mass produced. My sharing of the 1996 McDonalds hamburger a few years ago was also that … Continue reading

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Activist By Accident Thanks To A Burger.

I thought I would share this essay I wrote as we celebrate the 1996 McDonalds Hamburger’s 15th Birthday!! Goodness — 15 years old — where has all the time gone!! I am a seasoned single mom with two in college. While many … Continue reading

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Keegan Says Ewwwww McDonald’s!!

Meet my new little friend Keegan and the wisdom of his youth. three years ago while in second grade Keegan’s parents shared with him my burger story and image. Since,  he’s been the biggest advocate of saying NO to McDonalds’s his school … Continue reading

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15 Year Old McDonalds Hamburger!

1996 McDonalds Hamburger! Yes, that’s right – the burger is now 15 YEARS old!! Below is a re-posting of the 1996 McDonalds burger image and post I shared that rocked and STILL rocks the interweb: For those who want to … Continue reading

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Do You Make Taboule?

I get the hankering for Taboule a few times a year, perhaps it’s the “seasonal” ingredients I adore, or perhaps it’s the fact that it’s a refreshing and filling salad!! Taboule is made with Quinoa – say KEEN _WA – … Continue reading

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The Art Of Baking Bread

I attended Gather At The Gallery the other night, hosted by the Pam And Herb Eaton of Eaton Gallery and Martha Burke and Joanne Goetzinger of Main Gallery 404. Speaking were the Katic’s, an absolutely lovely young newly married couple and owners … Continue reading

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