3 Must Have Supplements For College Kids

I was thinking about the month ahead and what I want to write about my walk the other day.   This student sitting on the bench reading and sporting a shiny apple had me pause to capture the moment, and had me also thinking about how important well being is for this age group.

I’ve pondered this before. I think with two of my own this age, I can easily see that they don’t always make the best choices nutritionally

I have a long list of nutrients and herbs I think are beneficial for college students, but if I had to pick the three must haves, it would include:

A quality multi -vitamin. the ultimate daily dose of nutritional insurance

Vitamin C.  a lot of anti-oxidant bang for the buck, and when someone over does it uh, like every college kid we know – Vitamin C offers results.

Echinacea, MORE bang for your immune system buck – this take occasionally herb gets those white blood cells into kick butt over drive fast and a great little supplement took when virus, colds and seasonal allergies come on.


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