Avoid Butter Packaging To Reduce PFOA Exposure

20 years ago I started shifting my cooking, my pantry and my consumer choices to that which I felt was better and more healthy for me and my family.

At the time, like most folks I ate junk, drank pop, and I wondered why I didn’t feel very well.

The shifts started out small, one thing at a time. Took me two years before I felt my stride.

Since I’ve been an advocate for cooking scratch, eating organic, local and the alternative food market.

Many many years later, I am still making changes and still learning.

Goes to say that healthy living is a life long project, eh??

Last year I stopped buying canned beans and began making my own from dried to avoid BPA found in the lining of the can.  It’s not a hassle at all to make my own!! I save money, avoid the chemical and contribute in a small way to less in the landfill.

Recently in a green moms yahoo group it was shared that PFAO was in the wrappers of butter.


The same chemical that coats teflon is what butter comes in ie; coated food packaging?


Beth Terry of a Plastic Free Life shared a link to this post/article.

Part of the article statesFood packaging is an egregious example of hidden PFC exposure.


The article further talks about how most of us ( 98%) have traces of this chemical in our blood.

This food packaging chemical leaches into the butter.

Boy that makes me mad.

The solution?

Make your own butter!!

I thought,  I could do that !!

There are three ways I found to make butter, the food processor, a stand up mixer or a in a jar.

Loved the options – and the videos!! I chose the stand up mixer version because he said butter in 10 minutes and he was right!!! Each person had their own little nuance or different way, but the bottom line is it all ends up as butter!!

It was super easy and boy is this homemade butter ever delicious.



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2 Responses to Avoid Butter Packaging To Reduce PFOA Exposure

  1. Very cool, Karen! I may have to give that a try.

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