You Want Me To Give This Purple Drippy Stuff To My Child?

You’ve just had a baby.

You go through the series of obligatory pediatrician visits and at some point you are given the typical purple drippy stuff also known as liquid baby vitamins.

My babies are grown, but I remember thinking to myself what the heck is in this stuff?

Not much.

The first four ingredients are not particularly impressive; Glycerin, Water, Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate 80.

Propylene Glycol is an additive that is also used in antifreeze.

Hmmmm – do I really want an infant ingesting that?

Polysorbate 80 – has been linked to infertility — it’s basically a chemical food stabilizer.

What’s that doing in an infant vitamin?

After that the label says it has a bit of A, C, D and a tad bit of Iron. Don’t forget the artificial flavors and colors.

It’s the most widely recommended product for babies.

Where’s the nutrition?

*Babies develop 75% of their brain capacity from birth to the age of 3 – did you know that ?

*After the age of two it’s time to watch fat content, as to avoid the development of obesity, disease and other
health problems

*By the age of 5 – 90% of their brain development is complete. Complete!

Those first 5 years are crucial!

The high quality infant toddler formula that I recommend to every single new mother I know …is an absolutely  tasteless powder that goes in any liquid or mush one can get it into –  it has 23 essential vitamins and minerals – the most complete infant product on the marketIt’s tooth friendly –  yikes – that purple stuff can actually discolor an infant’s teeth

Our product also has 100% of the daily value for B Vitamins – a significant nutrient for brain function and health

*Above Data from the EUFIC 2005

On a daily basis be assured that your infant/toddler is getting a consistent daily value of nutrients

Give them their vitamins.

The brilliance of a powdered formula is you can adjust the dosage, until they are ready for chewable product ours which has lactoferrin in it to supercharge their immune system We also carry a yummy chewable fish oil product for kids!!

maternal nouveau provision of fruit flickr image

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