Old House Society Fundraiser Finds Mike Ryburn Up On The Roof!

Thank you for sharing this email Karen Schmidt!

Mike is still on the roof!!

Follow the details of this fundraiser, kindly “LIKE” the society’s Facebook Page while you are there and pledge.  There are great discounts on salvaged house stuffs, and an astounding raffle prize too!

Take a moment to drive past 214 E. Douglas. You will notice a few unusual sights: the faux-barn siding is off the building, revealing tile and glass, and a really keen Boy Scouts sticker on one of the western windows that have just been uncovered. Up on the roof, you’ll see a tent and a chair, and – yes – it’s Mike Ryburn, who has pledged to stay on the roof until the Old House Society raises enough money to replace the roof and bring the exterior back to its original beauty.

Former Building Exterior Old House Society

Let’s cheer Mike on and help OHS find the money to bring the building back to a great condition, and get Mike off that roof!

Following is information about the fund-raising event.


Help raise money for our Old House Society Architectural Salvage Warehouse 2011 Restoration Project at 214 E. Douglas Street Bloomington, IL.

Beginning September 10th, 2011 at exactly 10 a.m., Michael Ryburn, The OHS Warehouse Operations Coordinator, will be broadcasting from the top of the Old House Society Architectural Salvage Warehouse in an effort to raise funds for the restoration of the facility.

Over the weekend, OHS staff and volunteers removed the barn siding from the warehouse to unveil the original glaze block. This façade is in desperate need of restoration, starting with some tuck pointing and possible replacement of these rare glazed period blocks. Along with the façade, the roof is also in need of replacement because water is woods worst enemy and our materials are pleading for a dry place to reside.

The OHS is offering a beautiful etched Victorian window showcasing a bird with flowers for raffle. Stop by and purchase your raffle tickets at $5 each.  The window has been valued at $500.00. The drawing will be held as soon as money has been raised to get Mike off  the  roof, all money goes toward the restoration fund.

If you can make a pledge toward the restoration fund simply email, call, or mail in a check to the Old House Society P.O. Box 581 Bloomington, IL 61702

For further details stop in to the warehouse today or give them a call at 309-820-0548.

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