Photographer :: Jerry Druhan

Jerry Druhan is a talented local photographer, who recently completed a showing at the acclaimed ArtPrize. This provocative art competition has just celebrated it’s third year. 1582 Artists were hosted in 164 Venues. Grand Rapids, Michigan was literally taken over by Art!

Jerry shared haunting imagery from his 2010 As Our Own mission trip.   The invitation to go to India was an acknowledgement of his skills as a photographer and a tremendous honor. Sharing this particular imagery with ArtPrize gave him opportunity to promote and heighten awareness for the cause.

Being in India was a huge culture shock.  It was very primitive and oppressively hot. Garbage and unusual smells were everywhere.  There were volumes of humanity just milling around.

Jerry has a knack for catching faces, particularly the faces of children.  His style gives you a sense of the immediate and often captures are authentic and candid. He attributes his skills as being a keen observer of people and having the ability to compose a shot quickly. Of course, kids as subjects never let a photographer down!!

The work of non-profit As Our Own rescues young girls from child prostitution, a pervasive problem in this country.   Seeing an actual brothel was remarkably alarming. The opportunity to capture such an issue tested his abilities as a photographer.  He felt the mission methodically and creatively came together. Jerry felt blessed at the opportunity to do something incredible, to really nail what he saw and experienced there, and mostly at the timing of the trip in relationship to his work as a photographer

Jerry recently left a corporate work environment to devote himself to photography. Thank you for sharing your talents and artistry!  Be sure to look at Photographer Jerry Druhan’s website and galleries.


above images by Jerry Druhan and shared w/ permission. 

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