The Warm And Fuzzy Of It :: Pet Ownership.

This month devoted dog owner Lisa Nelsen-Woods of Condo Blues is hosting Green Mom’s Carnival.

The topic is Green Pets in honor of National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month.

While many might be touting  really cool and very green minded stuff like natural flea recipes or how to make your own pet food,

I felt I had to get down to the most organic reason of all for owning a pet.

They are simply adorable!

The cuteness factor for having a pet to me is why we get them, why we walk them, why we put up with their hair, their excrement, and their quirks.

I experience pet people as happier confident people. Don’t you?

It intrigues me the length a pet owner will go re: their affection, pampering and inclusion of their animals in their lives. Myself included.

With cats and dogs as folks very best friend …why wouldn’t one include a dog in things like doga or tinker with barkery treats for foodie expression?

Remarkable non-profits strive to provide sanctuaries for animals that in addition to providing haven for unwanted cats and dogs, this house also provide astounding benefits for the facilities founder and volunteers alike.

What about the abundance of the over the top businesses that cater to those with pets?

Oh my gosh check out OH My Dog Photography!  When was the last time your pet stayed at a Pet B & B?  What about the devotion and enterprise of  Cesar MIlan? He’s about teaching the dog owner new tricks. Ever hear of Dog Barking 101? I mean dogs need to be heard too!

People get paid very VERY well to be of all things Cat Chow Correspondants.

When I was young we didn’t have such things as Dog Walkers.  Now, they and Dog Poop Removal are part of every communities phone and web directory!

I think it’s important to pause and realize that owning a pet and the catering to pets is a HUGE Industry.

Conscientious consumer choices are important to the well being of your pet and the planet!

I hope you find this month’s Green Mom’s Carnival resourceful!

For me, I have taken seriously WAY too many pet images – one simply can’t help it. Here is a bit of “miss kitty” animal cuteness from my past:

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2 Responses to The Warm And Fuzzy Of It :: Pet Ownership.

  1. Condo Blues says:

    Miss Kitty was adorable! Sustainable or not, the unconditional love and goofy antics of a pet make their carbon paw print worthwhile!

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