Students Teach Me The Power Of Blogging

Last night I completed teaching the second session of my class Blogging: Be The Expert Only YOU Can Be.  

It’s taken me two years to get back into the classroom.

It felt tremendous to be teaching again!

Thank you to the Community Education division of Heartland Community College for the opportunity

I started consulting folks on how to begin blogging this past December. People kept asking me. Why do I blog? Why WordPress? How has that helped your business?  I not only had strong passionate opinions about it.  I found myself giving away a lot of tips and tricks!!  Seemed like an opportunity to service a need with the people around me.  I don’t think of myself as an expert on blogging more like an advocate on how powerful the medium of blogging is to someone’s personal voice and an expert in ideas to get someone going!  I had such great mentorship along the way, I really feel I want to pass that same mentorship onto others.

My students were seriously awesome.

Some things my students taught me:

  • Plan for time to become related.
  • Students really do do their homework!
  • Being savvy in the technology of the classroom is a plus
  • Various levels of interest and experience bring a richness to the class
  • a student said “i have no idea what the “f” you are all talking about” SERIOUSLY funny
  • Revelations about one’s expertise, personal brand and the potential of published voice is positively inspirational!

one student realized that her topic, as shared by others was very toxic, she wanted her voice to be different, and found her passion around that

another had two blogs and realized by merging them together it would enrich her brand.

some just beginning began to play with blog names, post titles, language and how to illustrate

another realized that perhaps blogging daily might be too ambitious.

The reality of the class may unveil some new and very exciting bloggers!


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2 Responses to Students Teach Me The Power Of Blogging

  1. Nice post. Nice pics. We enjoyed the class!

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