Do You Have These Candida Symptoms?

Symptoms Suggestive of Yeast Overgrowth

History of:

Antibiotic usage , especially broad spectrum drugs

Birth control pills or steroids

Mood swings or irritability

Cravings for sweets, breads and alchohol

Problems in moldy areas or on muggy days

Sensitivity to perfumes, chemical odors, etc.

Being really bothered by tobacco smoke

Athletes foot, fungus infections of nails and skin

Repeated pregnancies

In Infants:

Diaper rash that is worse in the skin folds

Thrush or white patches on the inner cheeks of the mouth

A white coated tongue

Excessive genital touching

Frequent ear infections

In Children:

Thickly – coated or patchy, white tongue

Red ring around anus or rectal area

Itchy genital area leading to frequent touching

A chronic hair or foot odor

Bloated abdomen and bowel complaints

Frequent infections particularly of the ears and tonsils

Muscle aches and weaknesses

In adolescents and adults:

Frequent fatigue, lethargy and drowsiness

Frequent infections

Frequent feelings of “spaciness”

Poor memory

Inability to make decisions

Bloating, belching, or intestinal gas

Muscle aches and weakness

Recurrent skin problems

Pain and or swelling in joints


Abdominal pain

Loss of interest in sex

Endometriosis or infertility

Prostatis or impotance

Anxiety attacks or frequent crying


Mucus in stools

Rectal itching

Constipation and /or diarrhea

Excessive vaginal discharge or itching

Pelvic pain

Burning or white coated tongue

Rash or blisters in mouth

Dizziness/loss of balance /incoordination

Pain or tightness in your chest

Spots in front of your eyes

Blurred vision

sourced affectionately from a brochure by Gemma Gorham 1997, a document I have used to assist those who feel they may have candida.

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