Vitamins Helpful For Candida

Nutrition Supplementation For Yeast Cleansing and Control

Below is a list of nutrients and herbs that are part of a candida cleanse and rebuilding.  Note that there are phases. The entire program is 12 weeks.

Not all nutritional supplements are created equal.  Results will vary if using a brand of lesser quality.

Cleansing Phase – First Week

Alfalfa – provides essential trace minerals, digestive enzymes and chlorophyll, all of which help cleanse the body. Also improves joint pain and allergy symptoms.

Fiber – helps get yeast and other toxins out of the body.

Laxative – a natural herbal laxative which helps gently cleanse the intestine, remove toxins and promote regularity.

Friendly Bacteria (acidophilus – bifidus ) – recreates proper balance of intestinal flora – pearls only.

Purified Water  – pure water gets toxins out of the blood stream.

Then Add:

Initial Rebuilding Phase – Three Weeks

Multi-Vitamin – nutritional insurance provides nutrients and minerals on a daily basis in proper balance.

Vitamin C-helps with immunity, allergies, and environmental sensitivities.

Immune System Support – proprietary blend of nutrients that support immune function.

Calcium/Magnesium-helps with nervousness, distractability, anxiety attacks, muscle cramps and insomnia.

Omega 3’s (essential fatty acids derived  from fishoil ) – helps with muscle and joint pain, cold hands and feet and skin eruptions.

GLA (essential fatty acid derived from borage seed  – helps with hormonal imbalances, mood swings, concentration, libido, depression and anxiety.

Then Add:

Final Rebuilding Phase – Last Eight Weeks

Soy Protein – helps stabilize blood sugar, improves concentration and provides consistant energy

B Complex -helps with mood swings, stress, cravings, anxiety, digestive problems and irritability

above sourced affectionately from a brochure by Gemma Gorham 1997, a document I have referenced to assist those who feel they may have candida.

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