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Project 21

My daughter turns 21 today! What an amazing significant birthday for her. She’s studying abroad and it really baffled me how I might celebrate this important day with her long distance.  I tossed a variety of ideas around and decided … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Weight Loss Shake

The last thing most folks are thinking about around Thanksgiving is weight loss. Most folks are thinking about that lovely slice of pumpkin pie!!! There are  however delicious ways to maintain calories and keep the calories down. Just a thought … … Continue reading

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All Things Pumpkin

I adore the things made with pumpkin this time of year. Now that its just me I don’t seem to produce a volume of things pumpkin-y, and I miss that. I was quite taken with Soule Mama’s recent all things … Continue reading

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Grateful For The Mclean County Public Health Award Nomination

Congratulations to this years Mclean County 2011 Public Health Award recipient Dr. Richard Wellman Imagine hearing that Vikki Baptiste of RelyLocal had nominated me!  I was deeply moved by her gesture, the words she shared just made me cry! I feel very grateful.  Karen’s … Continue reading

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Postcards By Harry Clarke

my daughter has been sending postcards, illustrated by Harry Clarke. how positively delightful they are…

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Eat Your Oranges AND Take Your Vitamin C

Eating oranges isn’t enough. A classic anti-oxidant nutrient, and one very well known for its boosting immune function is Vitamin C. Seasonally this is the time when citrus fruit is at its prime.  I personally can’t eat enough grapefruit and … Continue reading

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The Power Of A Story – Habitat For Humanity

I attended a luncheon recently, an annual fundraising event for our local Habitat For Humanity.  I have heard of this well known non-profit. I also watched three Habitat homes go up in my neighborhood this past year and found myself … Continue reading

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Green Moms Carnival Paints Black Friday Green!

The Black Friday Edition of Green Moms Carnival shares a lively, resourceful and compassionate conversation about How to be a green consumer. Head on over there …  

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Your Green Dollar – Buy Local

This month Green Mom’s Carnival is hosted by the lovely Betsy Escandon of Eco Novice.  With Black Friday around the corner, we are writing about How To Be A Green Consumer. I am not much of a shopper, and truth … Continue reading

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Natural Interferon Safely Builds Immunity

The testimony below about our natural interferon and Chronic Lymphcytic Leukemia was shared via email from a fellow sales leader named Kris – thank you! I have an older friend that has Chronic Lymphcytic Leukemia. His name is Alvin. There … Continue reading

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