Ecology Action Center’s Sustainable Gourmet Event

A lovely Sustainable Gourmet event was had this past week in an effort to raise funds for a facility that gives not only to the community but also to our earth.

Ecology Action Center fosters environmental action by providing education, events, workshops and community outreach that assist residents to creating, strengthening and preserving a healthy environment.

The organic wine tasting and local food hor d’oeuvres served were mindfully sourced from ingredients that were of local origin and conscientious practices. Deliciously prepared foods were composed of local, organic and sustainable products.

Why eat local? Foods are fresher, taste better and are more nutritious. Buying local reduces shipping and therefor reduces pollution. The local economy is supported by buying local.

Why eat organic? To reduce the amount of synthetic chemicals into their bodies. Pesticides often kill nutrients in the growing soil. Organics are nutrient rich compared to conventionally-grown food.

Why support sustainable farming?  Organic farmers utilize practices that rotate crops, plant cover crops, enrich the soil and integrate pest management as a means to help protect the environment.

above commentary sourced from the event’s program. the event was sponsored by the restaurant Medici 

Additionally, there were 12 remarkable donations for attendees to bid on in a silent auction.  The annual event was a tremendous success!!



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