Eat Your Oranges AND Take Your Vitamin C

Eating oranges isn’t enough.

A classic anti-oxidant nutrient, and one very well known for its boosting immune function is Vitamin C.

Seasonally this is the time when citrus fruit is at its prime.  I personally can’t eat enough grapefruit and or oranges yet, am I actually eating enough Vitamin C to ward off all the invasions my body needs to fight on a daily basis?

I believe not.

This is why it’s really important to take Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is depleted by stress, such as infections, fatigue, anxiety, pollution and extremes in temperatures.  Birth control pills, smoking, and alcohol deplete Vitamin C.  As we age, there is an even greater need for Vitamin C to regenerate collagen.

Symptoms or conditions that suggest you need more Vitamin C:

Bruise Easily
Bleeding Gums
Varicose and Spider Veins
Slow Healing of wounds and fractures
Chronic infection
Shortness of Breath
Allergies and Asthma
Frequent Colds and Flu
Swollen Glands
Weakened Immune System
Polyps in Colon
Macular Degeneration

The benefits of supplementing your Vitamin C include:

Helps the body absorb iron and calcium
Natural antihistamine; helps allergies
Reduced risk of heart disease up to 40%
Reduces risk of cancer
Powerful antioxidant
Frequently used in the prevention and treatment of the common cold
Reduses risk of cataracts
Increases resistance to ligament and tendon injury
Protects from radiation ( xrays )

above commentary sourced from nutrition and you

Not all Vitamin C products are created equal!

As a matter of fact most are incomplete or petroleum sourced.  If your current Vitamin C label says absorbic acid, your  Vitamin C is missing part of its parts!  Absorbic Acid is only one part of what one would find in an orange picked off a tree.   Don’t you want all of the orange?  Vitamin C is water soluable.  You need protective dosages of it all day long!

Our superb complete Vitamin C product is sustained released melting ever so slowly in your digestive track releasing 100 mg of C each hour.

Sure beats eating oranges around the clock! Even if they are yummy!!

Got little one’s? Try treating them to our chewable version. Each tablet is 100mg

Kids love these!

orange-y orange flickr image

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