The Power Of A Story – Habitat For Humanity

I attended a luncheon recently, an annual fundraising event for our local Habitat For Humanity.  I have heard of this well known non-profit. I also watched three Habitat homes go up in my neighborhood this past year and found myself wondering who might be living in these new homes.

The luncheon had it’s non-profit patter down pat; it nourished, shared, inspired and encouraged 300 plus folks to donate all in an hour!  Very Impressive! If everyone actually donated the minimum requested donation that would be a mighty quick chunk of change.  Pretty powerful when you think about it.

It struck me that what made this event work was the power of the story. Love, family, home and hearth. Listening to a couple tell the story of their habitat for humanity home, I experienced how proud they were.  I also felt how their pride was devastated when they could not provide for their family or had to ask for help. This was actually humbling for them. The home built for them by Habitat was of course life altering. Their story was tremendously moving.

I grew up in a family home, blessed by what appearances might see yet not so blessed by the family dynamic.   I felt home was always within me verses my surroundings or the people in which I shared space with.  In my own life I have lived in countless places, none of them to own, just a place to call home while living my life.  Home, to me,  is what you make it – home is the hearth that comes from within.  I raised two kids with a similar attitude – you can make a home where ever you are simply by creating it.

Thanks to the stimulus, an FHA loan and a first time buy program, at age 49,  I was finally able to buy my own home. At first I didn’t think of it as home, but more of a secure and fiscally responsible way to move forward in my path. I didn’t get my home without the help of my friends or programs that helped me.

My home has a breath and vibe that is very “me”.  Currently it is the most secure feeling I know.  It reassures me each and every day. I didn’t realize home ownership could do that.

One of the speakers shared the phrase “the home that made me”, a lovely sentiment especially when you knew she was raised in a home with an environment that fostered her success and her individuality. Her story was rich with love and joy. She is employed by Habitat as an executive director, and I think she has found a perfect job for herself!!

Not everyone knows this reality of home. As a matter of fact home for too many is fragmented or surviving.

Our local Habitat For Humanity built 5 houses this year.  I thought to myself that seems like a small number of homes.   I listened of course to what it takes to build a home. These things all have a cost attached to them.  All said, these homes are built with donations,many hands, loads of hard work and love.

pretty darn cool.

This luncheon had me pause.  It reminded me not to take my home for granted.  It re-instilled my gratitude for a place to live.  A place to call my home.

The company I call “home”  and the wellness products I proudly sell has a rich history of involvement with Habitat For Humanity beginning in 1993.

One special 2005 project was post Hurricane Katrina, called “Hands On New Orleans”, an affiliate of the Points Of Lights Program.  They were in partnership with our Shaklee Cares.  

Watch this video of our Shaklee field as they helped rebuild a school courtyard and lunch area.   Very cool!

The power of a story – Habitat for Humanity.



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