Tis The Season For Eating

‘Tis the season for eating!!!

I can hear my indulging commentary to myself

oh why fight it, it’s the holiday season – after all – it is really all about the food!  I’ll be REALLY good AFTER the holidays.

( in holiday forked tongue what that really means is weeks and weeks of being really really bad )

I’ll binge now and worry about it later

( sort of like, I’ll shove it in faster than I ever did before because come January I am going on a diet!! )

Sound familiar?

Once upon a time I was a whopping size huge.

At size hefty I thought how could ANY weight loss really make a difference?

OH gee – I lost 10 lbs – Only 100 plus lbs to go! Now what?

Forget it.

One brownie became 3 brownies simply because what difference did it make?

In the bigger (ha!) picture of things I was already BIG.

Do fat people have someone to talk to about these things?

How bad does it have to get to shift from hefty to healthy?

How horrible did it have to be?

For me?

I got scared. Really really scared. I also got embarrassed. I looked in the mirror. I faced my skepticism.  I took on some AMAZING weight loss products that helped the weight and inch loss process, but mostly I allowed myself room to be REALLY real.

I asked myself what monster had I created?

I did something about it.

Five things made a difference for me …and still do.

  • water the only beverage of choice
  • snacks in this order; protein, vegetables, fruit, carbs
  • movement  – like get up and just walk –  forget the gym membership save that for later when you’ll actually go
  • immediate success – seeing some weight come off for me was truly inspirational
  • habits – notice them – DO something about them.

These five things are certainly not rocket science.

They are definitely not something that everyone doesn’t already know.

Did you know that yo-yo dieting increases risks of health concerns by 70%?

Dieting is bad for you!  Yo-yo dieting in particular.

For years now I have shifted lifestyle.  I lost weight!

I’ve kept the weight off!!

Years later I continue to lose. ( I’ve lost 5 sizes! )


Do we hear weight success stories all the time?


Well — this one is mine and I am damn proud of it.

Perhaps you see a bit of yourself in my story.

More than anything perhaps you can find a bit of inspiration to give yourself that kick in the size ah-hem pants and get on the path to health.

Best yet,  imagine if we all took on weight loss, or better yet eating for health!!

We’d alter a frightening epidemic health issue.

We’d Change The World One Pound At A Time!


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