Is Less Holiday Bling Greener?

This post is for this months Green Mom’s Carnival.  The theme is gifting green, hosted by Linda Anderson of Citizen Green

I use to live in a wonderful old Victorian train town. My old town was loaded with the distinct charm of old that I absolutely treasure. The old is one of the many reasons I lived there! I love the old of it all.

For the holidays our town traditionally become bedazzled with little white lights Blocks and blocks of lights. Every tree, every lamp post and many of the store fronts were all a twinkly. The bling of it all inspires holiday spirit, and I admit was delightfully festive!

One fall, right before Halloween our town hung streamers of lights all about the business district. Two long blocks of hung across the street, intermittent swags of lights. I didn’t get it. What’s with the lights? It wasn’t Christmas yet, and they had never hung light streamers like this before. What was this town up to? I read in the paper that there was an initiative to draw folks to shop. As cute and darling as our town was, stores were empty, shops were struggling in competition with the big box stores. Not to mention the darn economy. This additional sparkle was supposed to create warmth. I was bothered at first. Why the expense? Why the labor to hang them? More lights? Why the swags? I did warm to them. When I’d walk into town at night I admit I liked the glow.

However, in the spirit of greenness, you know that global effort to actually do less NOT more? I can’t help but wonder. Could reducing the light wrappings to let’s say every other tree, and every other lamp post still portray the same cheer? Would using less lights – let’s say half – still be enough to make a difference for the environment?

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the lights. The traditional blink-blink of it all is ever so magical. I love it especially most, if it snows a big gentle white fluffy snow – A first snow to me is still nature’s winter gift. Bling and winter fluff certainly puts one in the mood for everything holiday. Would you agree?

Let’s lessen the gleam. Let’s example a bit of green about the whole thing. Give the gift of less.

Do you think less holiday bling is greener?


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