10 Reentry Challenges From Studying Abroad

A study abroad program is ending for my daughter.  I can not believe how quickly the time has gone.   I wrote in my holiday letter that while her studies were about her major, her experiences were hugely about lessons in life.  How remarkable.  Skype, FB and email has been a fantastic way to keep in touch.   I can feel the emotions about her leaving and returning all the way over here.

Her study abroad program sent the top ten challenges a student might feel, I thought they were incredibly useful – it’s reassuring to read the common experiences one might have – not so reassuring that challenges she might be facing will be tough.   I thought these might be useful to others:

  • boredom
  • noone wants to hear
  • they can’t explain
  • reverse homesickness
  • relationships have changed
  • people see the wrong changes
  • people misunderstand
  • feeling of alienation/ critical eyes
  • inability to apply new knowledge and skills
  • loss/compartmentalization of experience

The above list was compiled by Professor Bruce La Brack from the University of the Pacific who has been a leading observer of students in study abroad for many years.  The full commentary can be found here

It struck me how this list applies to many re-entry circumstances.

This month the conversation is stress.  Coming home as heartfelt as it, is also very stressful and hard on the body.

These nutrient coping strategies might be useful

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2 Responses to 10 Reentry Challenges From Studying Abroad

  1. sheila glazov says:

    So glad Kate is home safe and sound with remarkable life-time memories. Yes, I agree when I read the list I felt it was appropriate for any new life changing exprience. Thank you for sharing the insight and and your photograph of Kate. The pose and backpack spoke volumes!

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