The Fava Bean

I can’t say I am an expert re: The Fava Bean.

All I know is that one day in a little hole in the wall tapas place I had them on a salad and I thought to myself what was I eating??  They were delightful!   I actually asked the chef for the recipe and got it — but then had a terrible time sourcing the bean.  When I finally found them dried and shelled, they cooked to mush.   It was not the perfect Fava Bean experience I remembered.   I felt I had failed in fava bean 101.  This past summer I decided to get unshelled fava’s and try again.  The recipe on the side of the bag ( stewed fava beans) seemed a good place to start, the cook time was different from what I had tried before, and after adding a few additional on hand ingredients I made something rather yummy!!

I did marveled at my patience sitting on the porch stoop peeling the gosh darn things.

Sweet Potato, Kale, Sausage and Fava Bean Soup.

Cover entire bag of fava’s with water, bring to a boil, drain and rinse in cool water.   Peel.  ( to peel a pound of fava’s takes me about 45 minutes ) I usually get on the phone with a friend – hey keep me company while I peel fava’s!

Not into fava? White beans work very well in this recipe too!

Saute1/2 moon slivers of onion, 2 cloves of crushed garlic in olive oil, with rosemary, parsley and white pepper. Add italian sausage.  I use hot.  Add cubed yam, or sweet potato, 4 cups stock ( i use vegetable – chicken adds a nice richness ) plus 2 – 4 C water – the fava beans ( i used 1/2 of what I had shelled – freezing the other 1/2 ) and chopped Kale.  Simmer until done. Time varies.

This is very aromatic while it’s cooking and as you can see very very pretty to serve.



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