Bring A Little Vitamin D On.

It is said that when we turn our clocks back that it’s time to take more Vitamin D, I know that every simple natural strategy that I can add to improve the way I feel during the winter months I am willing to try.  You can too.

I think the combination of the holidays  ( a season that is particularly hard for me) and shorter days tests my ability to cope.  I am a “light” person.  I require light and immerse myself in it during my day to day. I walk early morning, read and enjoy the east with my tea, work where the most light is in the south windows of my home, and when the sun is setting I am creating my evening meal.  I am very ceremonial and very connected to the days light.

In the winter the light is less. I recognize myself well at this time of year and respect my inclination to go internal, to perhaps feel anti-social and moody, and have strong desires to make soup and bake cookies (!) Isn’t that what most folks do in the winter time?  I think it’s OK to do what comes naturally

I also know that as I get older my moodiness become deeper.  This is where again I give myself the nutritional tools to help

Our exposure to Vitamin D from the sun has shifted, this is showing up in folks disposition, their immunity, cell health, their heart health and in their bones.  80% of Americans levels of Vitamin D are insufficient.

Our product is the most potent form of Vitamin D.  D 3, and offers 250% of the recommended daily value. It’s also wonderfully priced.

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