The First Wealth Is Health

Ralph Waldo Emerson said ” The First Wealth Is Health “

Would you agree??

The commentary below is from an insert that I have often tucked into my holiday greetings. It is especially meaningful to me in that it reinforces the work I do.

written by Sarah Breathnach Ban from 1995’s Simple Abundance 

“Money has to buy alot during this time of year, but can it buy gifts that count the most?  Can it buy love, a good marriage, vibrant independant children, creative expressiveness, inner peace and most of all can it buy health?”

Having brought back layers of my health in recent years I really appreciate the strident, true and methodical steps one must take to find strength to get through yet another day

If I had to choose between the material things in life or the health achievements of recent years I’d choose my health in a heartbeat.

“We can’t buy good health, no matter how much money we have. We can buy profound medical treatments but actual good health is not for sale.  Your health is a priceless gift and it’s only when we become sick do we get reminded how priceless it really is”

“If you have your health you have more wealth than all the riches in the world. A healthy mind, heart, reserves of stamina and an abundance of vreative energy to draw on, will have the world literally lying at your feet – with good health you have it all.”

“What is health? Is it the absence of sickness? Good health is vitality, vigor, high energy, emotional equilibrium, mental clarity and physical endurance. This is the health to pray for”

She says, take your vitamins she furthers says,  “that if there is only one lesson I can inscribe into your consciousness… ask for good health and get real specific “

Ask and get specific — LOVE that!

Ask yourself how committed are you to your health and well being?

How I can be of a support to you and an advocate for your well being.

Those who take supplements really do have better health!

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