Book Review :: The Non -Toxic Avenger by Deanna Duke

Today’s book review is part of a whirl of a blog post book tour for Crunchy Chicken Blogger Deanna Duke and the release of her new book The Non-Toxic Avenger.

I discovered Deanna and her wacky green ideas in my early blogging days, my first impression of her was that she was nuts. At that time she was campaigning about something called a Diva Cup,  peeing in her garden and writing about a friendship she had with an offgrid dude named Greenpa at that time I had no idea what off grid even was.

Something about her enthusiasm, her sincerity and yes her wacky way of looking at things kept me coming back to her writings.  Along the way her husband was diagnosed with cancer and holy smokes I was stunned.  I had never experienced something so personal on a blog before. Since, we have become wonderfully acquainted via our work together in Green Moms Carnival.

I find Deanna to be smart, very detail oriented, insanely curious, tremendously thoughtful and seriously gosh darn funny.  She continuously cracks me up!

I loved this book.  I’d especially recommend it to a family or individual who REALLY wants to know about the toxins around them and how to make shifts towards a less toxic personal environment.

What separates her book from others is how she took us into on this very ambitious project and tucked all of us into her everyday life. This was not a go to spa, get it all together detox ahhhhhhhhh experience. This was an in the trenches everything exploration in the middle of life. Work, mom, wife, cancer, asbergers, family, holidays , red velvet birthday cake.   The journey was real.   It was like spending a few months as a fly on the wall inside the Duke household and better yet being included in all the details, concerns, and speculation in Deanna’s mind as she took this thing on.

I can thank Deanna for my shift to the use of a Diva Cup, applaud her reinforcing my decision to never ever use teflon pans, marvel at the toxins I didn’t know about, like oh my gosh, the coating on dental floss??  who knew! , and be totally inspired to buy of all things more house plants!

( you’ll just have to read the book to find out why) 

This book is an easy read despite some of the alarming and complex details and it’s loaded with references and resources.

Nice work Deanna!!

Many of the suggestions for alternative products she mentions can also be found through me.   Ask me about green cleaning and anti-aging plant based skin care.


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