Take On Weight Loss Or A Detox. Let Our Products Help

Time again for you to take on weight loss.

For many this is what they do each and every new year.

What if you didn’t have to keep taking weight loss on?  

What if a healthy weight was normal ? 

Working with those who want to lose weight has been frustrating for me.  It’s double edge sword from a sales perspective because I can sell someone just about anything.  Yet, I can’t make someone follow a program, acknowledge the deeper concerns of the typical american diet or make them do what it takes to eat better.  I can only wish that they choose to add some layer of movement to their lives, or encourage them to consider weaning from soda and coffee.  I’ve tried to be all these things  for others and some simply don’t want to hear it.

What I do know is that I can be an example of the healthy kick start that our Cinch Inch Loss Program provides for weight loss.  I can also share how useful the products are in a maintenance regime.  I can do this because I am living it.  Want to lose some weight and keep it off ? Perhaps my story will inspire you?

for those who need an update: I am now a size L, down from a size 3 X !!  My weight loss journey began in 2007.  This last year I lost another size!! One pair of pants altered from a year ago was taken in 3 inches!!

I do not feel qualified to handle all the psychology that comes to play with why we eat the way we do.  Please don’t tell me that a fast food burger is a serving of protein and bread.  I simply can’t agree.  I can’t relate to the hassle of making a salad because I make one each and every day and love the ceremony of it.

An author I know recently said there is a 5 billion dollar campaign convincing us we don’t have time to cook. Think about this for a moment.  The foods “manufactured” for us to eat are loaded with chemicals or altered genetically.  The foods are made by a machine, put into boxes that pollute our landfills and we nuke them because it’s faster and easier??  Does this seem like eating to you?  I personally do not buy 75% of what a typical grocery store has to offer.  I like to eat food that was grown in the ground.    I like to give organic farmers my money!  The food addictions we all have, even me, are very powerful and hard to break. This is why they are called addictions.  Letting go of one addiction at a time is moving in a forward direction.  Just start.

My advocacy is that a lifetime of bad eating habits sometimes must be broken.  Lifestyle – must be created and championed. And lifestyle – meaning a way of living that is healthy all the time is what I feel has had me continue to lose the weight.

Don’t have me be the one to tell you this.

You know about this as much as I do.

Take Care Of Your Body – Rid Them Of Toxins

My daughter, now age 21 is now doing her third annual detox.  As a young person she has a fairly admirable lifestyle, especially compared to her peers.  Like me and like MOST, she’s not perfect. The purpose of a detox is to give your organs the nutritional tools to rejuvenate themselves.  They can not do it on their own.  Prompting them however gives them the chance to take better care of you.  Gosh knows we need it.  She looks forward to her detox, her friends all roll their eyes, but her body tells her thank you each and every time. What she notices most is more energy, clearer thinking and better sleep.

What’s not to like about that ?

Some lose weight by simply doing a detox.   Why not start there?

Curious about a detox or our weight loss program?

What about someone you know?  Perhaps they could benefit from our   product offerings??

Let our products help!!

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