Can EGCG Help Me Lose Weight?

EGCG is found in our 3-in-1 boost pill. EGCG is the easy way of saying epigallocatechin gallate, a naturally occurring polyphenol

Found also in green tea, EGCG has been shown in clinical studies to boost thermogenesis and boost metabolism.

EGCG helps burn calories and has been shown to promote fat oxidation (the burning of fat for energy).

Clinical studies for this ingredient were conducted using 270 mg of EGCG, the same amount that is provided in our 3-in-1 Boost

The most common question asked about EGCG  is — is it a caffeine ?

EGCG is not caffeine in that it’s not a stimulant. Green tea does contain naturally occurring caffeine, of which the dosage is much lower than one finds in a regular cup of coffee. My understanding is that naturally occurring caffeine releases very slowly into the blood stream.

thank you field communications for the above definition.


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