Weight Loss Webinar Available

In the scheme of all things health and wellness have you considered your current health history, its risk factors for you personally and a prevention health plan that includes supplements?

I know top on my list is keeping my weight in control.  Obesity statistics and how being overweight contributes to diseases such as diabetes and heart disease are off the chart alarming.  By managing my weight I reduce my risk of all kinds of health challenges.  You could too!

Last week, an informative webinar launched Shaklee’s “transformation” inch loss campaign. Cinch Inch Loss system is group of products that give you tools you need to lose weight

It’s the Cinch line that has helped me get my weight loss going and keep it off.

I had the honor of being one of the testimony speakers on a national call and wanted to be sure you could hear.

Here is the webinar link:


FYI the webinar asks for your email address to register you for the call, other than that you are not on any further mailing lists or anything. Currently the call will be available archived until March 2012

Should you have any questions about the savings being offered, the products in general and how they might help you or someone you know. Please ask.

Also be reminded that anyone who takes on a comprehensive program.

I will offer an additional 10% off.

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