Resolutions To Fight Climate Change

This post is contributing to the January Green Moms Carnival conversation about resolutions to fight Climate Change.   Our Amber at is our gracious host.

go here to read the entire collective on this important topic.

Climate Change is a complex topic.  It’s bigger than all of us and in the end it’s hard to know if our efforts are actually making a difference.   The strong opposing commentary on Climate Change is confusing.  What is your opinion on the matter?  I personally can’t begin to claim expertise.  My resolutions are to be an advocate and to continue to example choice.

I know that’s not very specific.

If and when I have a chance to point in the direction of those who are making strides in climate change issues I want to be sure to be a resource.   As I continue to learn and develop my own ideas on the topic I want to example a shifting behavior that I hope helps someone see that they too have the option to make choices that can contribute to being more proactive.

Its my strong belief that small shifts do make a difference.  When changes are made collectively they have a stronger voice.

It’s also my belief that making any effort is better than doing nothing.

My biggest wish is for pause, reflection, and conscientiously slowing it down. I’d love to see less purchasing, more making it from scratch and shopping local.

Where I example this best is cooking from scratch and shouting it out about the local farmers and business I I support through my purchases.  A lifestyle of less is more.   In the end this produces less waste and we are healthier!

Pause and choice are what I am championing.

Isn’t this the common sensical approach to it all.



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