Get Your Vitamin D On – Dark Days Of Winter Can Be Lightened By…

The Dark Days of Winter ( however balmy – goodness, is it really January? ) can be lightened by:

B Complex — essential for brain and nervous system and happy moods

Stress Relief Complex — blunts cortisol that can cause anxiety reactions

St John’s Wort — helps balance serotonin in the brain

Vita D-3 — helps prevent depression

A little word on the street regarding Vitamin D:  

You may be aware of the importance of supplementing with Vitamin D … especially during the winter months

(not to mention how it contributes to prevention of bone loss, cancer, strengthening the immune system,  cardiovascular health and promoting good cholesterol !) 

What you may not realize is that there is a big difference in quality and the body’s ability to absorb Vitamin D.

In the testimony below,  a couple in Ohio – where they celebrate sunshine days perhaps 1/2 of the year tackled raising their Vitamin D levels.  The gentleman taking our Vita D3 (1000 IU per day) had better improvement than his wife taking megadoses from a prescription source, which are often very hard for the body to handle … AND he saved a whole lot more money too.  Our D is less than $8 per bottle ! After one year on mega doses her Vitamin D levels decreased. His on the other hand increased by 11 points!

Which Vitamin D would you rather take?

1.  Tom’s wife, Cathy, used a prescription amount of 50,000 IU daily, yup – that number is correct.

2.  Tom’s Vita D amount = 1,000 IU Vita-D per day = 7000 per week.

PLUS Vita-D in his Multi – Vitamin = 800 IU per day = 5,600 per week.

Tom’s Total Vita D per week = 12,600 IU per week

Another testimony shared the expertise of Dr Bevacqua and a therapeutic dosage approach:

My levels were at 23 which is pretty low.  Dr. Sandra Bevacqua had suggested that I take 20 Shaklee Vita-D3 for 2 weeks then go down to 10 daily for another 2 weeks and stay at 5 for a long time.  I did this for 6 weeks and my vitamin D level went up to 59.  Dr. Bevcaqua feels that everyone’s Vitamin D level needs to be minimum 70 for optimal health.

above info from nutritionist Barbara



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